Build-To-Suit | Partnership Program | Kunkel Commercial Group

No two companies are exactly alike. Neither are their commercial property needs.

Sometimes, the best solution is to design and construct a facility tailored to fit your unique requirements.

When looking for an experienced partner to assist with a Build-to-Suit project, look no further than Kunkel Commercial Group. We take the mystery out of the development process by performing all required due diligence including assisting with land acquisition, acquiring municipal approvals, managing budgets as well as overseeing the design and construction. And, if necessary, managing and leasing the space once completed.

Whether you have little or no experience in the development process or simply do not have the time to personally undertake such an in-depth process, we can offer you considerable peace of mind.

While a number of different compensation scenarios exist, KCG can manage the process on a fee basis, where you retain ownership of the facility or, more commonly, where another party owns the facility and you agree to a long-term lease.

Contact KCG today at 618-632-8200 or at to discuss your unique situation and learn how we can help with your build-to-suit project.